My Rusty Craft

A family hosted Minecraft Server - Where survival is key and creations limited only by your imagination!

White List Only*


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  • WHITELIST ONLY! After watching, being a victim of and hearing about it from several of our friends servers, we have decided to go whitelist. We have found that those that do not apply, were never going to stay anyways. So while small, its secure - and your creations are safe!
  • AUGUST 6th 2012 - Now supports 1.3.1. No wipes, buildings still intact - WOOT!
  • AUGUST 1st 2012: If you updated your client to 1.3.1 (like I did) you will not be able to access the server. We are still waiting for our team to updated the server, and hopefully it will be soon. Until then GO HERE to learn how to get 1.2.5 back to play
  • *** WARNING *** There is no grief protection since this is a survival mode. If you join the ATHENS faction (admin) - Opposing attacking players and their property will be destroyed instantly - however, as an ATHENS member, you may not pvp with other players. doing so will get you kicked. See forums for more information. In otherwords do not attack the Athens, owned by Zeus(admin).
  • July 29,2012 - We are working with chestshops plugin so players can conduct business between themselves. It may not be permanent due to posibility of exploit. So if it disappears - you will know why now.
  • I think my ISP changes its IP too often, If you ever see "Down For Maintanence" email me so I can fix the ip. it is not the server. It is just that the ip changes.
  • Rusty Craft will be moving to a permanent server guys/gals. It is still whitelist - (friends/family only) only. But instead of being hosted here at home, it will be hosted by people who know MC. and not just some gaming host.
  • July 17, 2012 Switched server software - One feature immediately disabled was the creeper explosion and tearing apart players creation. Now they still do damage, however your work is preserved.  As a "game balance" the night time is now a little more dangerous - my suggestion: DO NOT GO OUT.
  • July 1st, 2012 Rusty Craft Re-Opens as a survival server. While the sandbox mode was fun, I think the game is more enjoyable as it was intended. The monsters give it a sense of intense white-knuckle adventure. Hope all agree.
Disclaimer:  RustyCraft is a family run private MineCraft PVE server. We have zero tolorance for anytype of bad behaviour and will ban w/o warning.

*Due to people with bad upbringing, the server is now whitelist. For application, see forums.



Welcome to RustyCraft - Minecraft Server. Family run. This is a survival server. You start with notihng, and must use your wits, and creative imagination to create tools weapon and shelter to survive. Within time, build a homestead that is self suffiecent with crops to livestock. With unlimited imagination, you could build unique strutures.

There is no whitelist. Enter RustyCraft at your own Risk.

Steps to Play
  1. Start your Minecraft Game
  2. Click Multi-Player
  3. Enter
  4. Click Join
  5. Enjoy!!
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